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Surfers Proud of African Women (aka SOMA), is a surf therapy program that aims to mentor, support and empower young girls from São Tomé island. The method of intervention combines surf instruction and other activities that promote psychological, physical and psychosocial well-being.

Extreme poverty, violence, lack of health care and education, are some of the challenges that children on the island face daily. Girls are found, in the vast majority of cases, at a disadvantage given the extreme gender inequality, not only in the social and professional environment but also in family structure. They are the most vulnerable when it comes to physical and sexual abuse - which results in most cases in early pregnancy (27% - data unicef 2008) making them prefer stay indoors rather outdoors.


Francisca, the founder of the project is also portuguese, and through some common friends we met each others work and find a cool way I could add some value to the project.

So I combined my passion for travelling and volunteer and went to meet the girls surf team and paint a mural on the headquarters building.

So, in order to help raising funds for the project, I decided to sell the digital file of the same illustration of the wall for you to  print in A4 or A3 size, and donate 9€ to the project. (1€ is to help me paying the inks I used on the wall. :))


know more about SOMA here and here.

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