10 pack = 10 postcards

20 pack = 10 postcards



I think we all feel a little helpless with this war situation in Ukraine. As you know, I usually use my work in the service of the cause and start a fundraising with some illustration. Because honestly it's one of the only things I can really do...

I don't know anything about politics and I didn't want to create anything that would highlight the violence, aggression and torture that is happening now against the Ukrainian people...
So I decided to dive into the good, the cultural and get inspired by traditional Ukrainian folklore. I ended up finding the beautiful aesthetic work by @third_roosters and fell in love right away!
So I created this women who advocating for peace wearing Ukrainian costume. (the best I could do without knowing the culture...).

I will sell postcards and the download file in order to raise some funds to donate to Ukrainian families or projects that aim to help them. (I'm still looking for the best option, so I'll update the information as soon as possible!)

Thank you! Together we can make good things!


Previous fundraisings (2021)
- Afghan women - donated 140€
- SOMA São Tomé - donated 225€
- Syrian kids (2016) - donated 90€ @drapenihavet 

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