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Creativeness as an ally to mental health! 
As an artist and creative person I can´t ignore the true on this sentence and concept. For me the art deeply connects me to my higher being and to my heart where i can hear the universe´s compass, making me feel rooted and in peace. Art is a great therapy!
So for this "checkerboard day" I created some coloring pages for you to quietly sit down and take a mindfulness activity - another tecnique of meditation. 


About Vans Checkerboard day:

"Through the power of creativity, the mission for Vans Checkerboard Day 2021 is to show that smaller acts of expression can make a big impact on our personal and collective well-being.

"Vans will support 10 charities from around the world whose shared purpose is to use programs focused on creativity as resources for coping with the stressors that impact mental health and well-being, by donating a collective $1 million"

Happy checkerboard day!

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