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Marigold - a Mexican flower. New collection

With each kilometer traveled, nature reveals its treasures: the paradisiacal beaches, with coconut palms and tropical forest; the mountains and plains; cactus and mango trees, hawks, crocodiles, jaguars. An organized nature. Rousseau's imaginary. The colorful tradition embroidered with the symbolism of the different beliefs that varies from state to state, and fills shirts, ponchos, pillows, rugs, table runners and folk costumes. Whole markets. On the beach, time passes slowly when the internet fails and where all there is to do is surf and eat. Mayans, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mistecas, Olmecas, Aliens, gods. Rows of tourist guides opened on the hands of gringos, conspiracy theories and beliefs in a common ancient order. Colorful houses, noisy squares. Life. Death. Always party.

Skulls, hats, pistols, machine guns in the hands of policemen covered from head to toe with bulletproof suits, Narcos driving around the smoked windows of their pickups, cars on fire by the road, guitars, mariachis… Tequila, mezcal, roses and “ marigolds ”, the Mexican flowers that adorns hairstyles and gravestones… The “Playas de los muertos”…Is there a better place to live forever?

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