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Trying to Help Syrian Kids.

Help Syrian kids! Partnership with @drapenihavet NGO helping the refugees in Greece. More details about this in my website (link in bio) // I cannot ignore what is going on in the world. I cannot remain indifferent to the war that has left without land thousands of people in Syria. Children, women and men, young and old, were forced to witness the war, as I hope I never have. They lost everything, and had as only option to escape. Helpless people and animals have succumbed to the irrationality of those men, devoid of Humanity. Europe has opened its borders to the thousands of refugees who crossed in despair the Mediterranean see to the countries closest to Syria. They arrive by boat, those who arrived. "What if it was me, Us, in this country? where to would we escape?”, We all should reflect about it. In the security of this side of the world, but so close to Greece, where in 2014 even before we heard any news about what was going on in Syria, I saw dozens of refugees camped outside the parliament in Syntagma Square, Athens. I confess that at the time I did not even realize what was happening. I found the NGO Drop in the Ocean at the end of last year on a European volunteering website with the stamp “Urgent”, flashing red. Syria's demand had increased, and the responsiveness of all NGOs on the field has declined. They needed people, they still need it. It was impossible for me to move at that time to the Nea Kavala camp in Northern Greece where the urgency was greatest. There are 3 refugee camps run by the organization. But I believe we have within all the tools we need to do what is expected from us. And it took a few months to realize that I could use my ability to draw and create a limited collection of illustrations (15 of each drawing) and start a crowdfunding campaign in partnership with "A Drop in the Ocean" Dråpen i Havet, helping to finance some of their activities, until I get to the field one day. I am also a drop in the ocean, but all drops can create waves of change, and become a ocean of hope.

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