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I wanted to live by the sea even before I start surfing. The blue turquoise of the great Ocean, the red wild flowers growing in wilderness next to the golden sands, made me understand the paradise concept here on earth. I was completely in love for the natural landscapes and all the beings living a consciousness non rational life. I start studying history of arts when I was around 15 old, and I found myself completely passionated by the “rupture” of Paul Gaugin, a french pós impressionist who quit all society comfort life to embrace a life search for a most authentic understanding of the human role in the world, a non corruptive existente, unaware of the power of money and what it can buy. He found the pureness, his plenitude and his inspiration in French Polynesia, and opened the door for the artistic symbolist movement. He also became my great inspiration for several years. His courage, wild spirit and strong sense of meaningfulness allowed me to dream and to build my future. The painting “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” made me questioning about the purpose of life for the first time. It generated in me a great spiritual pursue, for searching and understanding as a spiritual being living an human existence, it was at that time I start surfing too, I became vegetarian, and I found myself curious about all kinds of religion, spiritual paths and holistic therapies and techniques to achieve my full potential and deepen my soul wisdom.

More than 10 years passed, and I forgot, I was completely forgotten. I forgot what I wanted to be, and what I was looking for when I was a child. When we are children we know exactly what we should be doing, thats why people keep seeing beauty in children´s honesty. Its the purest conceiving of reality.

Im passing throw a moment of reconnection, trying to quiet my blind mind and listen what was ever written in my heart, our compass that never fails the destination. We have to arrive where we should be, because its where we are missed, and its our intuition that lead us like a inner map, through the valleys and mountains of the painful uncertainly, always. Im already divagating in these words. It is perhaps the red wine sips cradled by Einaudy´s piano playlist levitating my weight, and making me dream again. “- Remember, Remember” I can hear.

The Wildflower is my remake of Gaugin´s dream. The floral and colorful patterns of the tropical traditions and cultures. The exotic sweetened smells of flowers and fruits mixed with the salty breeze of the sunset and sunrise moments. A Wildflower only grows in wilderness, surrounded by the noisy silence of the other different existences. The wildflower has the strength and energy of the female beings. The beauty and the grace, the compassion for everything that surrounds her, and the courage to claim Its difference within the environment. And Its I exactly how I want to be.

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